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TsiLang Components Suite Testimonials

We would like to thank everyone who submitted comments about TsiLang Components Suite. Submit your comments at our contacts page.

Name Country Company Title Comments

B.J. Rao Netherlands intricad When something is really good its important to mention it. TsiLang is that thing to be mentioned. Its true merit is in its completeness and its transparency. This becomes apparent very quickly. It has a short learning curve while maintaining the depth needed to easily and effectively make changes during the development as well as maintenance cycles. Otherwise stated; TsiLang is there to serve you. Just concentrate on your core code, TsiLang will do the rest while still allowing you to dig in and make any changes you may need.

Harvey Wilson South Africa Katmar Software Software Developer I had a look at some of the open source alternatives for my new project, and there is still nothing out there that I can find that comes anywhere close to the ease of use and good integration that you have in your software. You really have made an excellent job of this program.

Florian Eichelberger Austia USEC.AT Analyst The component is used in the software at the Austrian Security Software project https://www.usec.at for our security software. We were really impressed by the ease of use and support of the Tsilang Components for Localization of our Delphi Software even though it was not intended at first to localize it. Even the external editor is easily used and outsourcing translations is a breeze.

Junior Ang Malaysia Chrysanth Software Sdn Bhd CEO I have been using TsiLang for my products' localization needs since many years ago. Though from time to time, I might encounter some problems due to my limted knowledge in how localization worked, but I must say that SiComponents support was patient and kind enough to bite the bullet, and sometimes even helped me to isolate the problem caused by other components! I highly recommend TsiLang for those considering their localization solution.

Dr. Nile Mosley New Zealand MetriQ Limited CEO We have found TsiLang to be second to none in the art of translation. Easy to use and easy to administrate this product is a one stop shop to internationalization. Equally important, support for this product gives us the peace of mind, and we are delighted with what this product delivers. We heartily endorse the use of TsiLang translation suite for internationalization.

Dirk Vanhaecke Belgium ADMB Programmer Rarely seen a product that excels in such flexibility! No line of code anymore to implement a multilingual interface. And of equal importance: the support is great!

Ralph Dietrich Germany TechnoLab GmbH Software Developer We worked a long time with other products much, much more expensive. But finally we found TsiLang localization component for Delphi and we were satisfied very fast. Easy-to-use at low costs! What do you want more?! ;O) And you provide excellent and quick support!

Vladimir Zhuchko Russia Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Ph.D I am physicist and create applications for physic experiments and commercial companies. I use TsLang Components Suite for about five years and my applications used by hundreds users accross all Europe. Excellent component! My applications have translated to almoust all west and east european languages (up to 9) and working fine. Thank you very much!

Maik Kappeler Switzerland   C++ Software developer I tried some solutions to integrate multilingual interface solutions. Unfortunately, most of them failed for my needs. As I seen the TsiLang component and tried it for a while, I was totally happy about it. TsiLang is absolutely the best solution I found. There are some features which I call professional. This product saves me some hours of time for developing multilingual user interfaces. Thanks for this great product!

Eric Deghaye Belgium WNP sprl General Manager Well, it took less than a day's work to change over all translations in a 70 forms application with TsiLang from [SKIPPED], and less headaches. Worked seamlessly and the auto translation is a great feature! Congratulations for a great product!

Steve JORDI Switzerland TiltSoft   As a volcano monitoring software company, we needed a tool to localize our applications for countries all around the world, including the flexibility to let the end users being able to translate the application on their sides. We investigated and tried a lot of solutions. All self-described as the best tool around. If we found TSILang, it's because none of the others were really the best tools and we kept searching. Only TSILang had a dictionary (how powerful), only TSILang had that dispatcher/TSILink mechanism that requires to code the language switch at one place only. Only TSILang was able to translate DBGrid column headers, etc. We can recommend it without a single hesitation. It's what can be called money well invested.

Gerhard Behnke Germany Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH Software Engineer I'm a Software-Engineer working in Hamburg (Germany). I developed some years ago a dos-based redaction-system called resy.This software runs all over the world in our offices (press agency) in Moscow too with the Russian support for receiving TASS and InterFax. Including full text retrieval and so on. Since 5 years I changed from Pascal to C++ (VC++) but I like Borland (BC++) and since 2 years CBuilder, one of the best development tool on the market (in my opinion of course).Now I use BCB4 Enterprise for developing and one of my new projects is a new resy which needs language support. So I found on the web your software which meets all my requirements and it's very well designed (thanks for your well done job !).

Gabriel Rechwan   Forest Technology Systems   Excellent product, saves time with greater flexibility, good price. We love it and our customers love entering and modifying their own translations.

Allan Karzel Germany     We've tested and purchased a number of add-on components for Delphi over the last couple of years and can say that Your TsiLang Components Suite is realy the best. My congratulations for this excellent product.

Erwin Schatzle Germany ISI Datentechnik GmbH Software Designer TsiLang is a really great component and we use it in a lot of our projects.

Godfrey McLean Germany   Software Developer TsiLang is great and it did a lot of my work.

Oleg Seropegin Russia   Software Designer This is a great component and we really need it.

Serge Musteatsa Romania Start Co. Senior Programmer This component is all what I need for internationalization.

Herbert Wernig Austria Wernig   Easy to use, works fine.

Michael Bradbery Australia TransGrid Software Developer I think TsiLang is a great component - good value too - an elephant for the price of a mouse. I am using it to write Chinese interfaces. Thanks for a great product.

Catherine Vitinger France Sigann Software Developer You're making a good job (and a good customer hot line too ;-)

Francis Parlant France ORDIMEGA Product Manager We have been internationalizing our applications for years, by hand each time, and we have been looking for a simple, yet powerful and Delphi integrated, runtime translation tool. We have now found it!

Reiner Dittel Germany CT Datentechnik   Your TsiLang components are very comfortable and simple to use for internationalizing our applications. We are developing Applications for Process-Controls in the Rubber-Industries and have searched for a component to internationalize our applications at design-time because we won't work with resource-files or something else (this is to complex in administering).

Dimitar Bulgaria Jet Systems Software Developer We develop an application, which has to work in 4 languages: English, German, Hungarian and Bulgarian. Your component save a lot of development time for us and it is really good.

Fabrice Bonduelle France SBF- Bourse de Paris   v4.5 is a mature version of your TsiLang component. Thank you for your great support.

John Nørgaard Denmark LK a/s Software Engineer I am very pleased to work with TsiLang, it should be very easy to translate my application. By the way my colleague have big problems it also write windows program but use MS Visual C++, because he does not have TsiLang.

Andreas Deimann Germany Krohne-Metechnik GmbH&CoKG Software Engineer I think it is a very good Component Suite. Some years ago I used a Component like this in Delphi 1 and now I'm very happy to have found a better Component Suite for later Delphi-Versions. I hope you will carry on producing Versions for Delphi and C-Builder in the future.

Robert Ogle USA Market Facts Inc   I write software, some of which is used to collect marketing research data.  We recently needed to internationalize the program for use in Germany and Italy.  One of my frustrations in the past is that I had to modify the code for each new environment and I often had to wait until the last moment for translations from my users.  With your components, I was able to incorporate your components ahead of time and give them your editor so they now became responsible for inputting the translations.  I do not know whether they still wait until the last minute to input the translations or not, but it is no longer my problem and I love it.  Also, since they can now work independently from me, they also like the sense of improvement that this gives them, so everyone wins.  Thanks for the great stuff!

Tim Evans United Kingdom ACE IT Software Development Director Having been using TsiLang Components Suite for a couple of months, I am very impressed.
It works well, and quickly. I managed to translate a program to German in a few hours. The support I've received has been excellent, overall one of the best enhancements I've ever bought for Delphi/CBuilder.

David Jehring United Kingdom Apollo Medical Systems Ltd Managing Director Many thanks for your suite of components, I am very impressed with them.
They have saved a project I am delivering next week in the Netherlands, I had been using the Delphi 5 Enterprise translation facilities and apart from being very cumbersome for my project  the resource DLL was not performing consistently and was restricting the components I could use in my project.
Within two hours I had transferred all the string resources to your dictionary, and them implemented the TsiLang components.

J.Pieter Vos Spain GESwin Manager These components helped me a lot. Where we work we have two languages, all our applications are multi-language in a minimum time. Support is also excellent: any question is responded very quickly. We have evaluated other products, but we keep with TsiLang Components Suite as the best. We are really very impressed by quality both of components as from support.
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